Nowadays your online presence is your company's welcome mat. First impressions are everything. Make the first impression wrong and you likely won't get a second chance. Make sure your website dazzles with speed and reliability. Use our dedicated server solutions so that your website is always up, always available, always spectacular, and ready to bring you more business.


We have so many options - all fully scalable so you can purchase exactly what your business requires. That's right - you won't have to pay for stuff you don't need. And if our huge number of choices overwhelms you, don't despair, we have plenty of staff on-hand to guide you. So, you can step into the world of dedicated servers with confidence, knowing you are getting the best solution for you and your business.

Ensure Online Success

We believe in offering fast, reliable, secure and stable web servers for all types of needs of our customers.

Flexibility & Control

With root SSH access and full administrator privileges to the server, you gain complete control over the server and its functioning.


We focus on offering you the right hardware, service, and support, at a cost that makes sense for you.

Daily and weekly backup

Automatic backup of data guarantees stress-fee business without any fear.

Superior flash storage

All services are enterprise flash storage driven, extendable to 1.6TB!


Why Choose Us?

Serverhostingmurah is created on a solid foundations where management and technical staff has more than 10+ years of experience within the industry. We are able to educate our clients with the best approach to a problem as well as make specific suggestions when we see an opportunity to do so. These suggestions has allow all of our customers succeed and fuel their businesses in some shape or form. Many have seen us as industry shakers and movers where they closely watch us for the next industry trend. Our creations of technology is light years ahead of many hosting providers. This has allow our customers to take advantage of resources that are not yet available within the common market giving them a competitive advantage.

IBN recognizes the fact that technology is going to be the biggest enabler in conducting business in the future. Hence we are constantly involved in evaluating and applying new technologies to see how they can be leveraged for better collaboration, reach, fulfilment and relationship management. IBN has formed a new technology focus group, which works on new and upcoming technologies to see how we could contribute to the cause, however small the contribution maybe.

Our company was founded on the principles that every customer should be treated with respect and receive great support for their websites. We understand that everyone’s website is mission-critical to them; that’s why all of our customers are handled with individual care and attention, no matter how small or large their company. Since then we have spent more than a decade perfecting our particular blend of state-of-the-art technology and unmatched customer support. We have expanded across multiple international datacenters and now serve customers around the world. Power success at providing unmatched support 24/7/365 quickly lead to our growth of numerous other brands.